Heavenly Flowers Hire is a silk funeral flower rental service operating within the North West and North East of England. We are a family run business offering a low cost alternative to buying funeral flowers and tributes from high street florists. Our quality silk flowers are extremely environmentally friendly while being much more affordable than fresh flowers.
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Why choose hired flowers vs fresh flowers?
You will get quality. Just because our silk flowers aren't real, it doesn't mean they don't look amazing. Most of our customers comment on how realistic then look and often say they couldn't tell the difference. We only use the highest quality flowers and our arrangements are all hand made. 
You will save money. We want to help save our customers money during difficult times. Hiring our funeral arrangements are much more cost effective. You'll get more 'bang for your buck' and give your loved one the best possible send off without it costing the earth.
Its better for the environment. A lot of funeral flowers will eventually end up in the bin (or at least the plastics will). Because we reuse our arrangements we massively save on wastage. The flowers you hire will one day go on to serve and comfort another family in their time of need. 

Every day we're seeing fresh flowers going to waste. Please really consider hiring flowers as there is so much plastic waste filling the bins at our local crematoriums/cemeteries
- Thank you x 

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